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Container Hire Aust. can meet all your storage needs. We provide shipping containers of all descriptions & sizes for hire or sale. We can supply you with storage solutions to suite your specific needs - why pay for storage space you don't need? For example, 10ft general purpose shipping containers are ideal if you just need a bit of extra storage and don't have much room. 20ft general purpose containers are great if you are relocating or just need some extra storage space.

We offer flexiblity in terms of length of hire. Container Hire Aust. also has an on-site storage facility in Maleny, Queensland (1 hour North of Brisbane). This service is available for people who don't have the space to store a shipping container on their property or for people who are between houses or travelling. Please call to discuss container hire today.

Shipping Container Hire to suit your needs!

We provide shipping containers of all descriptions & sizes for hire or sale. Shipping containers are ideal to organise your onsite storage when you are building your home or relocating. We can deliver a storage container to your location. Alternatively, our holding yard in Maleny is available for people who don't have the space at their place or are moving house. Shipping Container Rentals at the right price!

Have a look at our container storage price list, and call us on 07 5494 2392 for more information. 

Container Hire - We Deliver to Your Door

Container Hire Aust. will organise delivery of your shipping container to your property. Our shipping container rentals are flexible - talk to us about how long you will need your container hire. Or, if you are relocating, we can deliver the shipping container to your current residence, so you can pack up your belongings. We then collect the fully packed storage container and take it to your new location - where you can unpack at your leisure! Shipping containers sit on ground level so they are easier to pack (and unpack) than trucks or vans. We also have a storage facility 1 hour north of Brisbane, in the event you need us to store your storage container.

Container Storage to Suit Your Needs

Whatever your storage requirements, Container Hire Aust. can help out!

Shipping container rentals - A flexible relocation option. While most of us hate moving, hiring a shipping container can take a lot of the stress out of the job. The advantages of shipping container hire are many -

1. You can take as long as you need to pack up. We deliver the storage container to your current property. You can order it early so as to allow yourself plenty of time to do the job. You can sort as you go, getting rid of any unwanted items, rather than taking them with you.

2. Packing and unpacking are easier. As the storage container is on ground level, it is much easier to pack and unpack the shipping container than it would be a traditional van or truck. We do the lifting - we lift your container on and off our vehicles.

3. Unpack at your leisure. The other big advantage of using container storage to relocate is that you can unpack at your leisure. This is particularly convenient if your new residence isn't yet ready to move in.

4. We can store it in our storage facility. If you are travelling or just not ready to move into your new property, we can store the shipping container at our storage facility until you are ready to unpack.

5ft -10ft  //  $3.80 inc (your property)  //   $3.80 inc / day (our property)
Steel 20ft GP *most popular  //  $3.80 inc (your property)  //  $4.75 inc / day (our property) 
20ft Insulated  //  $4.75 inc (your property)  //  $5.60 inc / day (our property)
20ft High Cube  //  $4.75 inc (your property)  //  $5.60 inc / day (our property)
20ft Double Door  //  $4.75 inc (your property)  //  $5.60 inc / day (our property)
20ft Plumbers Box  //  $4.75 inc (your property)  //  $5.60 inc / day (our property)
Refrigerated  //  $23.80 inc
(decreasing subject to length of hire.)


STD Steel 20ft GP  //  33m3
STD Steel 10ft  //  16m3
Insulated  //  27m3
Refrigerated  //  27m3
High Cube  // 40m3

Please contact us for a quotation on shipping container delivery.

Please contact us for a quotation on container hire for relocation.

The first payment will be required on delivery of the shipping container. Minimum of 28 days container hire. The first payment consists of 28 days container hire and the storage container delivery costs. All shipping containers must be continually paid one month in advance. A refund will be given if your shipping container comes off hire within the payment period (after the minimum one month). We accept credit card, cheques, cash, direct deposit & money orders.
This will need to be faxed or posted prior to delivery of the shipping container. Fax No: 5494 2492

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